Elisabetta Geromel Lister MA MCIL – En>IT Translator



Do you need content in English to be flawlessly translated into Italian?




I specialise in translation, editing and content writing for technical and creative texts in sustainability, fashion, art and literature.




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I grew up in Italy but had a passion for the English language since I was a child. I have worked in Italy and in the UK for different companies, covering roles where bilingual skills were required for over 20 years. After completing a bachelor’s degree and then a master in Translation Studies with the Open University in the UK, I have started a freelance business, concentrating my work around the written translated word. I am based in Derby, UK, but regularly travel to Milan, my hometown and therefore available to engage in multi-territorial commitments. I have the experience, the knowledge and the passion to translate a text maintaining its linguistic coherence but also adapting it to the cultural expectations of the final readers.

I am:

  • Member of the Chartered Institute of Linguists(MCIL) for IT/EN language pair, which guarantees my previous work and my adhesion to their Code of Conduct (click below to enter my membership page).

  • an Affiliate Member at the Interpreters and Translators Institute (ITI)

  •  a Member of the Society of Authors (SoA), UK

I collaborate with direct clients, agencies, publishers and I (when I can!) contribute as a pro-bono translator with TedTalks, subtitling in Italian (click here for an example of my subtitles).

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My first-hand experience in fashion spans over 15 years within the industry, specialising in leather accessories, from their sourcing, production and sale. I have a deep knowledge of tanning technical processes, finishing and manufacturing terminology, having coordinated the production of high-end fashion brands accessories. Business communications, marketing and technical texts in translation require terminological knowledge as well as product knowledge and cultural mediation, so that the target text (translated) reflects and retains the original meaning and nuance, flawlessly rendered into the new language. As well as curating business communications and negotiations, I have translated and worked on website contents and advertising texts and short videos.


Since becoming a freelance translator, I have collaborated with an Italian art association based in Tuscany. They curate art and photography exhibitions in collaboration with Vittorio Sgarbi, famous art critic in Italy. Their work represents as a major point of reference for the Italian historical artistic heritage and its global promotion. My previous university acquired knowledge in history of art, photography and philosophy has allowed me to both create and translate content for their advertising material. I have produced and curated the release of exhibition’s guides, brochures, specialised and academic publications.


Since a young age, I have always been inspired by translated books and I believe literature is at the heart of our cultures. Philosophy books are the main reason I became a translator. I am currently collaborating with 3 translator colleagues at a unique project where we devise, elaborate and submit multilingual translation proposals to publishers around the world. With a sample translation and a book presentation, we open the door for publication to suitable publishing houses abroad. Our knowledge of the publishing market and its supply-chain in our respective countries is essential, but also our modest negotiation skills and cultural knowledge allows for initial essential contacts to be established. If you are an author and your book’s foreign rights are available, please contact me for further information.